Nature Light Display in Neurology Department at St George’s Hospital London

May ,2021 |

St George’s Hospital Neurology Outpatients

We were commissioned by eminent neurosurgeon Henry Marsh CBE FRCS to produce for St George’s Hospital in London, a photograph of a spring woodland with the first rays of the rising sun streaming towards patients, staff and visitors.

This photograph is now being displayed as a huge 4×2.1 metre light-emitting Nature Display in the Outpatients Reception Area of the Neurology Department at the hospital.

Charlie Waite, who made the photograph, says: “Light plays an overwhelmingly significant role in human existence. The nature and character of light, be it the colour, distribution, reflection or absorption of it on all surfaces and through highlights and shadows, is solely responsible for our visual comprehension.

With this light-emitting nature display, the viewer is enveloped, emotionally uplifted and reassured by the radiating dawn light resulting in a ‘being there’ experience.”