It is not surprising that most of us feel a sense of inexplicable oneness when we immerse ourselves in nature. We have a drive to connect with the beauty of the outside world. Here at Nature Works for Health we are committed to enhancing patient experience and staff wellbeing by bringing the natural world into hospitals.

Viewing our nature photography displays will provide patients and staff with the opportunity to immerse themselves and experience the restorative healing power of nature, thus strengthening the connection to the natural world and enhancing their health and wellbeing.

Our Commitment:

Our Mission

is to enhance the healing process of patients and the wellbeing of relatives and staff in hospitals and healthcare settings through the viewing of light-emitting Nature Photography Displays.

Our Goal

is to provide all of the UK’s healthcare establishments with at least one Nature Photography Display.

Our Story

began with acclaimed landscape photographer, Charlie Waite. All of us at Nature Works for Health are committed to connecting people with the beauty of our natural world.

Our Team

Charlie Waite


Charlie is an English landscape photographer noted for his ‘painterly’ approach to using light and shade. His style is unique in that his photographs convey a spiritual quality of serenity and calm. Charlie has lectured throughout the UK, Europe and the Un ited States, published over 30 books on photography, and has held numerous exhibitions all over the world.

Anne Dowling

Associate Director

Anne is committed to improving the experience that patients, staff and families have when in any healthcare setting. Her drive is personal, having spent several years working in the NHS to deliver innovation, improvement and patient care. Having worked globally and locally, she brings clarity, creativity and drive to ensure that there is a meaningful relationship between sponsors, healthcare organisations and Nature Works for Health.

Astrid McGechan

Creative Director Europe

Astrid is a freelance photographer and book author. When photographing landscapes, she draws her inspiration from scenes in the natural world that evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony. Astrid teaches and lectures on photography in the UK and abroad and has curated several art exhibitions. She brings her knowledge and passion to Nature Works for Health and will be able to advise stakeholders on crea tive choices.

Andrew Vaughan

Commercial Consultant

With over 20 years’ experience of working at director level for leading global media businesses, such as UBM, Andrew set up his own consultancy in 2014. Since then, he has successfully delivered a range o f key projects for FTSE 250 companies, including Saga Plc, Clarion Events, and many other leading influential large and small global organisations.

The Story St George’s Hospital

I was asked by leading neurosurgeon Henry Marsh to create a photograph of a small wood. The photograph was to be displayed in the Neurological Outpatient waiting area in St George’s Hospital in London.

Henry Marsh had seen something similar in a Ukrainian hospital where he had frequently done charity work.

But this was to be no ordinary photograph… it was to be produced as a giant 4 x 2.1 metre display of first morning sunshine radiating out through the trees and streaming toward patients, staff and visitors. The image was to be back-lit, glowing with the light of the forest and making the viewer feel as if they are inhabiting that wood!

I had five months to find the appropriate wood and ensure that there was sufficient grass to act as a visual floor and, of course, to confirm that in May the first rays of morning sunshine would radiate through the trees in the correct manner.

Those rays ‘had’ to reach everyone upon whom they shone and needed to draw the viewer into the very heart of the ‘being there’ experience.

In December of that year, my 8-year-old twin granddaughters Bray and Fen accompanied me to the wood along with 30 kilograms of grass seed. “Why are we doing this?” they asked.

I explained that I was going to make a photograph in May the following year and wanted grass to be seen on the ground of the wood, and that I needed to have the first rays of morning sunshine bathing everyone in the sunlight. “How big will it be?” was their next question.

“It will be as big as your bedroom wall” I replied. They stared at me in disbelief.

A few months later, one early morning at 4am, I made my way up to the wood to find that the grass seed my granddaughters had helped me sow had already sprouted… and there was our carpet of grass!

Then I awaited the most beautiful and poignant moment when the sun once again dependably rose and gave me all I asked of it. It was almost as if it had spoken to me saying “you see, this is what I can do!”

I subsequently showed the light emitting display of our little wood to Bray and Fen and, for a long while, they stared at it in silence. Their silence told me everything.

From Woods to Waiting Area

This unique photograph was incorporated into a light-emitting Nature Photography Display that measures 4 x 2.1 metres. It was mounted in the Neurological Outpatient waiting area at St. George’s Hospital and displays the image that Charlie captured so perfectly.