Nature Light Displays at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Adult Intensive Care Unit

July ,2021 |

4 new Nature Light Displays in the Chelsea Westminster Adult Intensive Care Unit

Viewing Nature Photography Displays provide patients and staff with the opportunity to immerse themselves, and experience the restorative healing power of nature.

Nature Works for Health partnered with CW+, the charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, to provide Nature Light Displays to the hospital.

Known for his ‘painterly’ approach to using light and shade, with his photographs conveying a sense of serenity and calm, Charlie Waite has been working in close partnership with Roger Ulrich, a specialist in biophilia, focusing on people’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes.

These immersive large light-emitting Nature Displays aim to bring the beauty of the natural world into the hospital, offering a sense of calm and visual serenity to patients, relatives and staff.

This installation is part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Arts in Health programme, set up and run by its charity CW+, which aims to create healing environments in both clinical and non-clinical spaces for patients and staff, using landscapes as a tool to improve wellbeing and provide a calming atmosphere.

Trystan Hawkins, Director of Patient Environment at CW+, said: “It has been a pleasure working with Charlie Waite and Nature Works for Health, and we are very grateful to him for the Nature Photography Displays which have now been installed in our expanded and redeveloped ICU. Art and the physical environment play an important role in patient, family and staff wellbeing. The beautiful backlit Nature Photography Displays create a connection with the outdoors, which we hope support patient and staff wellbeing.

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